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Forex Trader Magazine extends a very warm welcome to its new look home

Forex Trader Magazine extends a very warm welcome to its new look home

Our new website has been designed to be clean and for you to easily navigate your way around. However, it is also part of our preparation for a major event.

If you have been following our live trading experiment, you will be aware that we have almost doubled our money across only 11 trades in 35 weeks with no losses whatsoever. We are trying to prove that our preferred trading system is:

  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to use
  • Very low risk
  • Requires little capital
  • Use very little of your precious time
  • Very inexpensive

The material is written and tested. We are now recording the material and preparing our support service. In just a couple of weeks, all will be ready. We are confident that this will be the best forex trading training on the market. However, we make our money from trading rather than training, or even magazine publishing come to that! Our aim is to provide the very best tools and support for all home based traders.

Shortly, we will be adding a membership site to this the website of Forex Trader Magazine. This will be the gateway to our new training material. It will also be the portal through which we speak, home trader to home trader, to those working with us to develop as traders. Special reports, system test results and in-depth articles and a lot more will appear exclusively in the portal. However, we will still leave plenty of the good stuff outside of the members area to entice you in!

Forex Trader Magazine also intends to make its portal the gateway to the exclusive trading tools such as Jeff’s lines and the Rule of thirds that it has developed and extensively tested. Be aware that we are currently working away on the next versions of these tools and they will be within the portal for a long time before we go public with them.

Find out more about our trading tools now at

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