Due to the disruption of Brexit we have suspended our annual trading exercise until later in 2017. In the meantime, here are the details for 2015

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Week 53 (W/C 28/12/2015)

Well there we have it. Twenty nine trades opened and closed. We had one loss and a couple of our trades were protective trades, all of these ended in profit. Our £1,000 was turned into £5,275.20 being a gain of 427.52%. It was not the most exciting of years but the result was good and we spent very little time trading this account, certainly less than a full day’s work!

Throughout we used the tools and techniques of the Forex Trader Magazine trading course available from this website.

See the February 2016 edition of Forex Trader Magazine for reviews of our trading and of the 2015 trading environment.

Week 52 (W/C 21/12/2015)

As things quienten for Christmas we see two days of upward movement on the GBPUSE price. The lateness in the day of our 2015 trading experiment prevented me from taking advantage!

Week 51 (W/C 14/12/2015)

A big price fall this week and ending in a clear doji which could suggest that we may be at the bottom. Let’s wait and see. However, a small buy trade at this time should not carry a big risk.

Week 50 (W/C 7/12/2015)

Almost at the end of the year, no action taken this week but another major buy opportunity missed due to my end of year reluctance to get into trades that won’t close by the year end.

Week 49 (W/C 30/11/2015)

I missed a major opportunity to get a large profit from a buy trade this week! I am always intrigued by thepsychology of trading. as the year draws to a close I find myself hesitating to place new trades because they may not be complete by the end of the year. At least that does not happen in my day to day trading.

Week 48 (W/C 23/11/2015)

The GBPUSD remains deep into the buy only area and I am waiting and looking for a possible buy opportunity.

Week 47 (W/C 16/11/2015)

Not even looking for a trade at present.

Week 46 (W/C 8/11/2015)

A quiet week – I took a vacation to Bath, England! We remain with one open trade as detailed below.

Week 45 (W/C 1/11/2015)

Not much more to add for this week.

Wednesday 4/11/2015

Nothing to report for this week.

Tuesday 2/11/2015

I have entered a volume 4 sell trade at 1.54925 (50 Pips above last nights opening).

Late on Monday, I exited the above trade, number 29, at 1.54100 for a profit of 82.5 Pips before the spread. This gave a net profit of £322.00 taking the over all profit to £4,275.20 or 427.52% on our opriginal £1,000 that we started with on 1 January 2015. The average profit per trade is now 81.47 Pips and £147.42.

I am now thinking of ending this year’s experiment at the end of November to allow a full report to  appear in the December edition of Forex Trader Magazine. If we get to 500% profit I will end immediately! The experiment will be restarted, back at £1,000 from 1/1/2016.

Week 44 (W/C 26/10/2015)

See report below – say no more!

Friday 30/10/2015

And out at 1.5460 for a profit of 141 Pips before the spread givng me £556 or 12.64%. The total profit is now £3,953.20 or just shy of 400%.

Monday 26/10/2015

I have entered trade No 28 of the year. This is a volume 4 buy trade entered at 1.5319 which is well within the buy only area.

Week 43 (W/C 19/10/2015)

Nothing significant to report! – see Wednesday report below for current position.

Week 42 (W/C 12/10/2015)

A good week, one trade and a great profit that took us to over, well over 300%. I guess I will have to try to make it above 400% now!

Wednesday 14/10/2013

And out for a nice gain of 13.58% or 133.40 Pips before the spread. The trade, number 27, opened yesterday has just been closed. We opened at 1.52466 and placed a volume four trade, our biggest yet. We closed at 1.53800 giving a profit of £525.60 and taking our profit to date up to £3,397.20 or 339.72%. Trade 27 was our 26th consecutive winner, so the win rate is 96.3%. What more can I say, the system works with just one trade every eight trading days or so! See the detail by clicking on the links above.

Tuesday 13/10/2015

Following economic news we have had a good fall (down 160 points from todays high to more than 100 Pips below the opening price) in the GBPUSD price this morning and I have entered a volume 4 buy trade at 1.52466. my biggest trade yet on the live trading experiment!

Week 41 (W/C 4/10/2015)

At last we have a turnaround, though I missed most of it. The trade that I did close in profit could have done much better had I used a trailing stop. This is a lesson I seem to learn again and again!

Wednesday 7/10/2015

And close! out of our buy trade, number 26, with volume three at 1.53000 for 42.5 Pips of profit giving me a net £121.50 and taking the overall profit to £2,871.60 or 287% of our opening £1,000 with 26 trades across 41 weeks.

Week 40 (W/C 28/9/2015)

Not a great deal to report this week. The GBPUSD seems to have reached a significant low and looks like it does not want to go below 1.51000. Had it been earlier in the wek I would have considered placing an additional buy trade and will look at this again next week.

Week 39 (W/C 21/9/2015)

Tuesday’s trade remains open. I am not minded to protect it just yet given the small volume it has in relation to the trading pot. The fact that we are deep into buy only territory is putting me off using the sell protection order – not very disciplined, I know!

Wednesday 23 September 2015

Happy to have bought a volume 3 trade, that’s number 26, at 1.52575 after a 150 Pip fall today and definately in the buy only area.

Week 38 (W/C 14/9/2015)

Back into the swing of things and fully expecting to get well beyond 300% profit before the year end.

Wednesday 16 September 2015

We are in again with a buy trade opened at today’s opening price of 1.53419. This is a volume 3 trade.

Closed at 1.54172 for a gross profit of 73.2 Pips giving a monetary profit of £219.90 or 6.23% of our opening trading pot. This brings the total profit over 25 trades to £2,750.10 or 270.01%.

Week 37 (W/C 7/9/2015)

At last a week with a trade  in it! That trase, No 24 of the calendar year, takes our profit to £2,530.20 or 253%. So, 300% for the year looks like a reasonable objective.

Monday 07 September 2015

A cracker, I decided to buy if the price went up to 1.5200 today which it did. Trade No 24 was at volume 3. This evening I closed it for a gross profit of 79.9 Pips so 77.9 Pips net and that gave me £233.70 or over 7% of my capital!

Week 36 (W/C 31/8/2015)

The GBPUSD fell fast and furiously this week and I stood back. We are now deep into buy only territory and I will be looking to do so next week.

Week 35 (W/C 24/8/2015)

A very big moving week with a total fall in the GBUSD rate of 288 Pips. I missed this because the fall did not meet my rules on the days that I was watching things. The price action is now in the buy or sell area so let’s see what happens next week.

Week 34 (W/C 17/8/2015)

Glad to be back into trades this week. I was getting withdrawal symptoms! Jeff’s Lines and the Rule of thirds seem to be working perfectly at present and I am looking forward to next week.

Thursday 20 August 2015

And gently out of trade No 23 at 1.56150 for a profit of £80.00

Tuesday 18 August 2015

off we go at long last! I have entered a volume two sell trade at 1.56656

Week 33 (W/C 10/8/2015)

A quiet week as the holiday season goes on. I watched more carefully for trades this week but did not find any. The ranges have been quite small and bigger moves were in the wrong direction. That is to say they were in favour of buy trades when i only want sell trades!

Week 32 (W/C 3/8/2015)

Still not finding too many trade opportunities and still missing too many due to holiday activity!

Week 31 (W/C 27/7/2015)

Not a happy person this week. There have been some great trading opportunities and I missed them all! I am busy putting together the next edition of Forex Trader Magazine.

Week 30 (W/C 20/7/2015)

Following a weeks holiday I have been catching up on other matters – sorry no trades this week.

Week 29 (W/C 13/7/2015)

No trading this week, busy on other projects. However, there were some great missed opportunities with the tools working perfectly on several days. hopefully, I will get some trades in in the coming week.

Week 28 (W/C 06/07/2015)

Still waiting for Greece and on vacation next week!

Week 27 (W/C 29/06/2015)

Still taking it easy while the heatwave is on and the Greek situation remains unresolved.

Week 26 (W/C 22/06/2015)

Still watching and waiting to see what happens with Greece. No action this week.

Week 25 (W/C 15/06/2015)

Quiet times as I wait to see wgat happens in terms of Greece and the euro.

Week 24 (W/C Monday 08/06/2015)

The rest of the week was quiet as I concentrated on other matters. Still, we are averaging at less than one trade per week and at that rate are heading towards 400% profit for the year!

If you have not already done so then I seriously suggest that you consider taking my training course to allow you to do exactly the same or even better if you want to put more time into trading.

Tuesday 09/05/2015

Buying at 1.5235 after the GBPUSD fell 75 Pips from today’s openig price with a volume 2.5 trade.

I have just closed this trade at 1.53276 for a profit of 92.6 Pips which gives me £226.50 after the spread and takes the profit to well over 200%. Note that this was as the price bounced off the middle bollinger Band.After 21 consecutive winning trades out of 22 in total over the first 24 weeks of this year I have made 221.65% profit!

Week 23 (W/C 01/06/2015)

Nothing else to say really – see report below!

Friday 05/06/2015

I have entered a buy trade at 1.5200 which is over 150 Pips below todays opening price. the volume is 2.5.

And out we go at 1.5276 for a profit of 74 Pips which means £185.00. So, after 21 trades, with 20 consecutive winners, we now have a profit of £1,990 or 199% and equity of £2990.00.

Wednesday 3/6/2015

A nice little earner. The price of the GPBUSD fell beyond the -75 Jeff’s Line today triggering a buy trade of volume 2.5. at 1.52671. The price has now increased to back above the day’s opening and the trade was closed at 1.53560 giving 88.9 Pips of profit or 86.9 Pips after the spread and therefore a profit in cash terms of £217.25.

Week 22 (W/C 25/05/2015)

A quiet week with public holidays and no trades for me. In part I am holding back a little to see what happens as a result of the Greek situation. Note that the price has returned to the centre (white) zone so buy and sell trades are both possible within the system that I use.

Week 21 (W/C 18/05/2015)

A good trade yesterday but an incredible £265 left on the table by coming out too early! Still, we are out safe for the public holiday weekend. With 158% profit in 21 weeks we are not doing too badly.

Friday 22 May 2015

Trade No19 closed at 1.56170 giving a profit of 76.1 Pips or 74.1 Pips after the spread. With the 2.5 volume that is worth a useful £185.25 in profit. I will summarise the overall positionn in my weekly report.

Thursday 21 May 2015

I have now entered a volume 2.5 sell trade at 1.56931. This is trade No 19. Note that I have moved from volume 1 to volme 2.5 now that our trading pot is larger.

I am setting a take profit at 1.56120 which is 75 Pips above todays opening price and 81.1 Pips in profit.

Week 20 (W/C 11 May 2015)

No trades this week though I did miss several opportunities by not being available. Jeff’s lines worked particularly well on Friday when we saw a fall of exactly 75 Pips and a close that was exactly 50 Pips down. We remain in the sell only zone.

Week 19 (W/C 4 May 2015)

I did not trade this week. This was partly because of the uncertainty of the UK election and partly that I was busy doing other things.

However, following the big rise of Friday we do seem to be setting up for a nice sell trade and we are firmly in the sell only zone so Monday could bring a sell opportunity.

Week 18 (W/C 27 April 2015)

This weeks trade saw our profit rise to £983.50 or 98.3% on our starting pot. For the next trade I will increase the volume to either 1.5 or 2. The other item of note is that the price of GBPUSD this week entered the sell ony zone giving us our first sell trade of the year other than the three protective sell trades that have been entered.

Friday 1 May 2015

And out! I have closed the sell trade No 18 at 1.52900 for 93.4 Pips of profit so £91.40 after the spread. Nicely out for the weekend.

Wednesday 29 April 2015

Wow, we are into the sell only territory, first time for a long time, and I have entered a sell trade (trade 18) at 1.53834 which was 50 Pips above todays opening price. It is a volume 1 trade.

Week 17 (W/C 20/4/2015)

well, 17 weeks in with 17 trades makes it easy enough to work out that I am averaging just one trade per week and adding an average 5% of my original stake to the value each week, not a bad return on the tiny amount of time I spend trading.

My rule of thirds tool tells me that having had an almost unbroken run of ten risng price days we have left the buy only zone and have entered the buy or sell zone. If my 11 years of statistics serve me right that means that any trade, buy or sell, that we place now should make money!

However, after the run of rising prices that we have had I will stick to buy trades at the moment and will be waiting for pull backs before entering any of these.

Friday 24/4/2015

I have closed the trade opened yesterday (trade #17) at 1.5132 giving 168 Pips of profit so £166.00 of profit after the spread. That was a profit of 9.62% on the previous closing balance.That brings us to cumulative profit of £892.10 or 89.21%.

Thursday 23/04/2015

The GBP USD price fell this morning and triggered a limit volume one buy order at 1.49640.

Week 16 (W/C 13/04/2015)

Nothing more to report really. However, we did miss a huge opportunity this week by coming out of a trade too early. We would have done very well too have set up a trailing stop on this trade and will definately consider that more going forward.

Tuesday 14/04/2015

I have decided to leave the trade that I opened last Thursday. After todays price went up to the 150 Pips above opening level. So, I came out at 11.47880 giving me 22.2 Pips or £20.20 of profit. This was trade #16 and we now have £726.10 or 72.6% profit overall.

Week 15 (06/04/2015)

Nothing more to report this week.

Thursday 09/04/2015 – once more into the market!

I have entered a volume 1 buy trade at 1.47658 which is 100 Pips below today’s opening price.

Tuesday 07/04/2015 – Nice

In at 1.48391 (opening minus 50 Pips)  and out again at 1.48891 (opening price) witjh a volume 1 buy for a profit of £48.

Week 14 (W/C 30/04/2015)

No more to say for this week. next week has a public holiday so will be a short one.

Wednesday 01/04/2015 – No fool on on fools day!

Just got home to find that I got in and out on limit orders today. In at 1.47597 and out at 1.48347 for 75 Pips or £73.00 profit. That takes us to £657.90 profit or 65.79% on 14 trades and i am still just in the three months. And YES, I have not adjusted my Jeff’s Lines tool yest so I am using the wrong start of day and lines price levels!

Tuesday 31/3/2015 – and out we go!

today saw the price and Jeff’s lines perform perfectly! – 50 pips down and then up 75 pips. We are out of trade #13 with a profit of £55.90 taking us to a profit of £584.90 or 58.49% on 13 trades in three month.Click on the trading record button above to see more detail.

How can you resist the training!

Monday 30/3/2015 – in once more

The GBPUSD price fell almost exactly 75 Pips this morning to a low of 1.48012. I entered a volume 1 buy trade at 1.48100.

Week 13 (W/C 23/3/2015)

A quiet week. I have been diverted towards getting our new title Stocks and Options Magazine published. It is free and available on the iTunes Newsstand or voa the web. More details at http://stocksandoptions magazine.com

However, I have also added the two buttons above. Using these you can see the detail of the trading record and of the daily statistics as soon as any changes are made. Back to a more normal week next week.

The current edition of Forex Trader Magazine, which can be accessed through this website, has a first quarter update on the live trading experiment.

Week 12 (W/C 16/3/2015)

no more to report than is outlined below but see new links above.

Thursday 19 March 2015 – on fire

After a 150 Pip fall this morning I entered a new buy trade at 1.48.000 and have now closed this at 1.48750. that takes us up by another £73 to profit of £544.90 or 54.49%.

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Today turned into a surprisingy good day. I can’t find a news reason behind it but the GBP spiked late on going from a low of 1.46336 to a high of 1.51680 which is 534 Pips before giving up a significant part of the gain to close at 1.49405.

However, the spike closed one of our protective trades and the trade that it was protecting, both in profit. So, trade #10 a protective volume 1 sell trade closed at 1.50161 giving us 12 Pips £10 of profit after the spread and then the original buy trade, trade #9 a volume 1 trade at 1.50781 closed at 1.51301 giving us 52 Pips which is £50.00 after the spread.

That takes our cumulative profit to 469.9 Pips £448.00 or 45.6% across 11 trades with one loss (£2.00) eight winners and two trades still open – a buy and its protective sell trade.

Tuesday 17 Monday 2015

Out and staying out! This morning I took the opportunity to exit the buy trade that i entered yesterday. I left at 1.48395 giving me 52.7 Pips of profit which is 50.7 or £50.70 after the spread. This was trade No11. we now have £396.00 or 39.6% in gains but still have two protected trades in play.

The reason why I say above that I am “staying out” is that tomorrow sees important news announced in the US regarding interest rates. Despite the USD being stronger than it has for more than nine years there seems to be a determinationto drive it higher.

I will be watching and waiting for a low to go in at after the news effects are done.

Monday 16 March 2015

Here we go again! – buy trade entered of volume 1 at 1.47868 (50 pips above opening)

Week 11 (W/C 9/3/2015)

What a week, we now have two protected buy trades. That is more than we have had for a very long time. The GBP has fallen further and faster than expected. At one point, on Friday 13 March, it hit 1.46985 which is the lowest it has been since June 2010.

The issue seems to be the strength of the recovery in the US.

Becuase of our trading system we still don’t have a disaster as only around £100 is tied up in protected trades. There is still scope for another buy trade when the time seems right.

Wednesday 11/3/2015

My equal and opposite sell limit order kicked in and opened a sell trade at 1.50281

Tuesday 10/3/2015 – Once more into the zone!

I have entered a buy trade of volume 1 at 1.50781 which is 50 Pips below last nights opening price.

Week 10 (W/C 2/3/2015) Back into the buy only zone

No more action this week. The price fell back into the buy only zone. Having now got one protected trade in place I will look for a much deeper move into this territoty before entering a new buy trade.

Monday 2/3/2015 – protective trade limit order triggered

An equal and opposite limit order triggered today putting me into a volume 1 sell order at 1.54250. A take profit order has been put in place for this at 1.53570 to give a profit of 6.8 Pips.

Week 9 (W/C Monday 23/2/2015)

Nothing else to report. We are into trade 7 which is currently in profit and have six closed trades for the year so far. That is five in profit and one for a loss of £2.00

Friday 27/2/2015 – Happy to be in again.

I have opened a volume 1 buy trade at 1.5394 after a price fall of well over 100 Pips yesterday.

Thursday 26/2/2015 – I took a £2.00 loss!

Not the idea at all! I closed the buy trade that I opened back in January and had closed the protective trade on yesterday. given the fall that came I am glad that I did.

Wednesday 25/2/2015

Back on 1 January 2015 we placed a protective sell trade at 1.5505 to protect a buy trade at 1.5555. We have now exited the protective sell trade at 1.5405 for a net 8 Pips of profit. I have also set a close up on the original buy trase at 1.5575. We now stand at a pot value of £1,347.40 which is 34.3% higher than we started with.

Monday 23/2/2015 Very nicely out!

This afternoon I closed fridays trade at 1.54722 which was 75 Pips above last nights opening, a fine example of Jeff’s Lines working well. The gain on this trade was therefore 108.7 Pips or 106.7 after the spread so a profit of £106.70 – very nice indeed!

Week 8 (W/C Monday 16/2/2015)

Nothing much more to report. Glad to have opened and closed one trade, to have another in progress and to have increased the gain to over 23%.

Friday 20/2/2015 – In

I have entered a buy trade of volume one at 1.53635 which is just under 50 Pips below last nights opening price.

Tuesday 17 February – out we come

It is still very rocky out there so I decided to exit the trade opened yesterday once we hit the 1.54 price level. The trade was entered at 1.53748 and was closed at 1.5400 giving a gain of 25.2 pips (net 23.2 after the spread). This was trade no 5 and we are now up by 3232.60 or 23.26% across the trades.

Monday 16 February we are in once more!

I have decided to buy and a few moments ago entered a buy GBPUSD trade of volumw 1 at 1.53748 which is 50 Pips below last night’s opening price.

Week 7 (W/C Monday 9/2/2015)

I seem to be missing while the action is happening at preseent. I am still wary of the Greek situation but think it is probably now safe to carry on as usual. hopefully, we will hvae a trade or two next week!

Week 6 (W/C Monday 2/2/2015)

I was away for most of this week and missed some good trading opportunities. I hope you picked them up. I am now minded to let the market fall a little further before opening a new buy trade.

Week 5 (W/C Monday 26/1/2015)

A roller coaster week, as predicted. However, we are finishing with a low at around the lowest GBPUSD price for 4/5 months. Come Monday I will be looking for a buy trade.

Week 4 (W/C Monday 19/1/2015)

With a very downwardly moving price and our decision to only trade on buy signals we have done well to stand back this week. We still have the Greek election results to be taken into account in the early part of next week and for any subsequent downward trend to be established thereafter. we continue to stand back!

Tuesday 20/1/2015

Hey, be VERY CAREFUL out there. We have two massive news events coming up. Firstly, we have the prospect of the European Central Bank (ECB) announcing a quantatative easing programme. Secondly, we have the Greek election with the prospect of an anti-austerity party threatening to seriously disrupt the euro.

I am minded to stay out of the market for a week or two until we se what happens and the dust settles. That said, these changes could throw up some big, but scary, profit opportunities.

Week 3 (W/C Monday 12/1/2015)

The story is shown below for this week.

Tuesday 13/1/2015

This morning the GBPUSD price fell below the 1.51 level and below the opening minus 75 Pips level to a low of 1.51073. I did not quite catch the bottom but got in with a volume 1 trade at 1.5083. The fall seemed to be caused by UK inflation figures being lower than expected and there was some anticipation of the news before it was announced.

And out! – I left the trade ten minutes ago when the price returned to todays opening price of 1.51728 giving me a profit of 89.9 Pips or 87.9 after the spread and therefore a profit of £87.90.

Week 1 & 2 – (1/1/2015 – 9/1/2015)

Welcome everyone, we are off into the 2015 trading year and have had, for me anyway, a busy time of it. Those of you who followed the experiment last year know that I like to report trade openings and closings as soon as they happen. We will do that going forward but for the moment there is a little catching up to do!

Our first trade was a volume 1 buy trade and it was opened on 1/1/2015 at 1.5555. That was not a good idea as the market tends to be very volatile in the opening week or two of the year. Indeed, we saw a drop of about 540 Pips in the first six trading days of the year. Thankfully, I put an equal and opposite sell limit order in just 50 Pips below the trade (now trade 2). So, although we have a buy trade stranded almost 400 Pips from the current price, it is protected by a volume 1 sell trade at 1.5505. The difference of 50 Pips represents a contained loss of £50.

Happier news yesterday with trade No 3 another volume 1 buy trade opened at 1.50435 which was 61.9 Pips below the days opening price. The low of the day was 1.50336 and I was confident that we were going to see a turnaround at or around 1.5000 (just because it is a very significant price psychologically speaking) but not that we would actually touch 1.5000 so I went in! I exited this trade a couple of moments ago at 1.51650 for a profit of 121.5 Pips and therefore £121.50 of profit.

I am tempted to close trade No1 just to get out of it but don’t want a “loser” in the experiment so close to the start!

That’s it for this week.


  • John

    December 9, 2015

    HI Jeff

    Just bought GBP USD on 8/12/15 at 1.49750 and banked the profits at 1.5070 for 95 pips profit in 1 day. I had 1.49600 but messed up one of my entries and put sell instead of buy so had to re enter at a higher price.

    Im going to follow this method for 2016.

    The exit seems to puzzle me though ……. what criteria for exit as I notice you bank anything from 20 pips to 150 pips.

  • John

    November 10, 2015

    Hi Jeff

    As a new student im trying to understand your most recent trades.

    4/11/15 – Buy – I presume this was done while the 3rds were neutral so any direction was possible.

    6/11/15 – No trade – you dont trade on fridays?

    9/1/15 – no trade – didnt trigger the order.

    Hopefully I can understand these two trading days and i think im there 100% … apart from the defensive strategy but i presume i’ll get that once im place in that situation.



  • John

    November 10, 2015

    HI Jeff

    Thanks for the response, I think new traders think they have to be in the market all the time, over complicate things and over trade. I really like your style and would be interested in your stock trading methods.

    I’ve adopted your style of trading and hopefully i’ll show similar profits to your live trading experiment.

    Is there a course on that, a website like this or is it just the magazine at the moment?


  • The Editor

    November 4, 2015

    Thank’s John.
    I don’t trade other pairs. The GBPUSD gives me everything I need and I just know it so well. The level of volatility, volume, trading hours etc. all suite me as does first hand knowledge of the currencies and economic environments involved.
    I always try to reduce systems to the most simple they can be. I also trade stocks and options in the same way. I generally only have one stock or option at a time as I use a system of hedging that quickly gets me into making money whether the stock rises, falls or stays the same! One stock and one pair – who needs more?

  • John

    November 4, 2015

    Great trading Jeff, 500% return is very very very impressive.

    Do you trade other pairs than GBP/USD ….. not that you need to with these results!!

    I have purchased the Rule of 3rds and Jeffs Lines indicators from yourself but was wondering if you do an alert service.


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